3 Reasons to Consider Giving This Critter A Second Thought

For those who love all things spooky  and creepy crawly, this is the perfect time of year to suggest this creature receive a moment in the spotlight.

Instead of screaming, laughing and running away heroically as you escape the clutches Halloween spook, read on. You will be surprised.

This critter is something no one wants to give a second thought too. Eeeeewwww is about as far as you have been...until today.

Maggots. Fly larvae are really pretty awesome…keep reading, I promise it's nifty

Food Chain

Think about it. These beasts decompose things none of us even want to look at. The rotten raccoon nestled on the curb, gushy, soggy plant material and piles of well…poo.

Ever hike where pet owners think they don’t need to pick up after their amazing four legged friends?

Swarms of flies are maddening BUT given enough time flies that lay their eggs in those mounds of yuck will have offspring that will decrease the size of the pile.

Forensic Entomology

Yep, maggots help forensic scientists. Flies will lay between 200-500 eggs on a dead body preferring eye sockets, nostrils and a gaping mouth.

Within 3 days maggots will hatch and go to town eating the decomposing flesh

Nasty, BUT the stage these bugs are found helps determine the time of death for the victim, providing evidence for investigations.  

Medical Maggots

Not only do they eat rotting flesh in carrion on the side of the road but they eat it off people too.

Disinfected maggots are used to clean out necrotic (dead) tissue within wounds – think ulcers and abscesses.

These voracious creatures will eat 5 times their weight in only 2 days. Consuming only the dead flesh they leave the live flesh alone. Their saliva is also known to have antibiotic properties. 

Cultures have used maggots for eons to do just that. Clean out wounds to increase chances of survival.

Medical maggots have been approved for use since 2004 by the US Food and Drug Administration.

If the mere mention of medical maggots doesn’t make you want to hurl, you can even watch them go to work on YouTube, search ‘medical maggots’. You’re welcome.

Maggots have a rotten reputation as they are the larvae of flies and flies are gross because they love all things we deem disgusting. Perhaps like bats, they need a second chance too.

Happy Thursday!