Cool Kids Don't Know This...

Picture a common field mouse fitted with a bright orange motorcycle helmet. He is approaching a wooden snap trap baited with a huge chunk of fresh, pungent swiss cheese.

Dangerously irresistible.

I have a picture of this mouse taped to my monitor. On purpose.

Is it worth the risk? Ultimately it depends on how valuable the reward.

A bazillion years ago, I read a book called, "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" with a tag line I continue to use to push me forward when I want to stand still.

“Do something that scares you every day.”

Was that tiny mouse with the sweet helmet doing something scary that day? You bet. He was willing to take the risk but had put into play a few safety measures to help improve the odds of a better outcome.

Meet my pal kohlrabi. She is a quirky little thing with an unusual shape.  In the spring, tiny round seeds similar to chia seeds were spaced the proper depth, thinned when they were big enough and left to work their magic with enough water, happy dirt and plenty of sun.

The perfect size for harvesting this silky skinned beauty is between a softball and a tennis ball.

Turns out kohlrabi can be roasted like a root vegetable or eaten raw in salads. It’s mouse-like tail was pruned and left in the dirt to add nutrients to the soil as it decomposed. Big leaves were pulled off also left to return to the dirt. Her small leaves can be used in salad.

She was then peeled and sliced.

Crisp and mildly sweet like a jicama yet with a spicy radish kick. No helmet required to try the new veggie (at least outward). She reminded me of two things.

First – the song with the line that says, “I wish that I could be like the cool kids.” She doesn’t look like anything I have ever grown before. She was too unusual to just fit it with the cool crowd. Still, the song won’t leave my mind.

Second – this is why I am drawn to her. She doesn’t care if she could be like the cool kids. She is different, bold and mysterious on the inside. Filled with surprises, waiting for someone who sees her as being dangerously irristable.

Until then, she will chillax on her own terms.

Food is bold, fun and amazing. I challenge you to get to know kohlrabi or at least something new and different this week.  Choose something unusual, strange and unique at the farmer’s market or grocery store. Discoveries of goodness and adventure await you and your taste buds. Do something that scares you today!

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Enjoy your weekend!