How to Create a Costco Produce Miracle

It doesn’t matter where you shop this miracle is waiting for you.


In a supersized grocery store, it's mind boggling how much stuff we amass in our oversized carts.

Flashing our “allowed to enter the store card” it’s tough to fight that smug feeling.

What is that smug feeling all about? The thrill of a bargain? It’s from Costco so it’s homemade? You have been to those parties before… "oh yum, tell me about the recipe?”  Oh, it came from Costco and I noticed it before you.  Smug victory.  Is it status or ownership because I am a member, which means other people aren’t?

As much as the psychology of club/membership stores is bizarre, I do love the items I can get there.

However, I do feel as though our relationship is bittersweet.  

The sweet part is that I can get the best price and the best quality on similar items at a non-club store.  I’m all about saving money even if it means buying more quantity up front in order to get a better volume discount.

Like spinach. I can choose the gargantuan pillow of spinach and pay $4.29 for 2.5 pounds or $3.59 for its organic cousin that weighs less.  Either one is ideal for blending into smoothies or piled high as a salad.

I love that when I run out of frozen kale from my garden, I can pull the spinach pillow out of the freezer without missing a beat. I love that it saves me money over picking up a bag of it at the local grocery store.

And, who doesn’t swoon their selection of frozen fruit?  Seriously gorgeous, healthy fruit most of which is organic and is ideal for smoothies when your garden stash has run low?

Hands down the best price week after week to keep your blender full of smoothie love.

Four pounds of pineapple chunks $6.99, organic mango chunks 4 pounds for $10.99, triple berry blend also organic 3 pounds for $9.99, three pounds of organic blueberries $9.79, organic dark cherries $10.49.  Just think about the phytonutrient rich, antioxidant packed, fiber-riffic smoothie these little gems would build!

It’s even nuttier that we are willing to wait in line to check out on a busy Saturday. People are generally patient, even chatty depending on the mood. No one seems put out or at their wits end.

Oddly similar to a wait in line at Disneyland. Polar opposite feel to Walmart on a Saturday afternoon.

The bitter part comes at checkout. I do not like spending money. I’ve always been a saver which is one thing that drives my need to stash my garden love into my own freezer. Don’t get me wrong. I adore Costco, I simply hate swiping my card and hearing the cashier announce my balance. That’s only $237.34. Only my big toe. YIKES!

Ever played that little game called guess how much the people in front get to pay? Maybe even throwing in a quick glance to critique their choices for nutritional superiority?

Then listening intently to the cashier’s announcement of how much they “only owe” in order to schlep those goods out of the store.  Shhhh, we aren’t supposed to do that.

Costco Miracles are those times when you can slip in and out with only what you intended to buy.

They don’t happen as often as my squeaky wallet would like but when they do…wowzers! It is a good feeling! After the cashier announces your total you can say…YES, it’s a Costco Miracle!

The twinkle in their eye knows what I’m talking about. Get the spinach and get out, no questions asked.

The single easiest way to create a Costco Produce Miracle is to  NOT GET THE SUBURBAN SIZED GROCERY CART. 

Carry what you need in your arms and it will quickly limit the extra things you may be compelled to pick up.

It takes discipline, blinders and a time-crunch makes it easier but a Costco Miracle is possible!

May we all experience a Costco Miracle at least once this month.

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Happy Blending!