Be a Superhero - Compost!

Compost is what you add to your soil to give it super powers.

Compost is a super power because it aerates the soil giving tiny baby roots an easier chance to grow, improves the soils ability to drain surface water and to retain water = needing to water LESS (anyone living in a drought affected area?)! It also provides more nutrients for the growing plants so they are stronger, healthier and produce better.

The process of composting can be a difficult time consuming hobby or it can be incredibly simple.

All you need is a flex capacitor. Ok, maybe all you need is a repurposed giant yogurt or cottage cheese container, a shovel and some dirt.

The natural bacteria, fungus, worms and other microorganisms and critters in the soil are really your flex capacitor.


This process is the SIMPLEST way you can begin to compost – today!

It doesn't matter if your soil is sandy or heavy with clay - adding compost will improve your soil regardless of it's type.

It requires no fancy twirly barrel, no cagey contraption, no extra time turning your pile with a 6 tine pitch fork, sweat soaked bandana or shoes filled with sloshy organic goop.

It will give your soil exceptional strength and better ability to combat the demons and pests that try to destroy our gardens.

I almost left out the best part– because this is a job so simple it can be the responsibility of your kiddos!!! Superhero delegation = win for all involved.

Here is the unpatented process:

  1. collect your kitchen scraps (fruit and veggie scraps, coffee grinds and filters, crushed egg shells)
  2. go outside
  3. dig a hole
  4. dump your collection in the hole
  5. cover it back up with dirt to keep it from attracting critters
  6. walk away knowing you are a superhero because you just improved your soil and offset waste otherwise headed to a gloomy death in the landfill

The “dig the hole” or "pit compositing" method is one I have used for years.  I love it because it works especially well if you are tight on extra space or don't want to buy or make a cage for larger scale composting with leaves and grass clippings and sweat soaked bandana.

You can even collect in the winter when the ground is frozen.  Simply keep a 5 gallon bucket or two or three on the back porch as your holding tanks for kitchen waste.

When spring hits, dig a trough, dump in the contents of the 5 gallon buckets, cover it back up with dirt and within a few weeks it’s becomes humus for the soil.

Oh and how much does building the soil in your yard cost? ZIPPO – free soil super powers for your garden or anywhere in your yard (think your favorite tree, shrub or flowers).

What did you have to pay the nursery for that bag of peppy bag of soil goodness? Oh – nothing because you made it yourself (with the help of a kajillion amazing  mini superhero creatures in the soil)!

Today, I leave you with a twofold challenge.

First, collect your apple cores, banana peels, kale stems, outer layers of cabbage and onion skins, broccoli stems, zucchini ends, coffee grind and filters and even crushed egg shells – dig a hole and bury it and walk away a soil superhero.

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Happy Composting!